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Contrary to public opinion, profits do not embody "exploitation" of laborers or customers. Profits embody information in the form of a lucrative reward for the entrepreneur or capitalist who is able to combine labor, capital goods, and other inputs in such a way as to produce an output that consumers value more highly than they value the inputs in another configuration. When a firm's revenue is greater than its costs, that firm earns a profit. In this project, BEST WAY INV, we based on Trigger mechanism for investors in equity mutual funds for those who do not have time to monitor investments regularly. Triggers allow investors who are not sure when to book profits to exit their investments at a pre-determined level. A pool of funds is raised in which every single investor small or large have their stakes and liability to the company. This pool funds are managed by highly talented fund managers who know where to invest and when to invest on their investor’s behalf. As single individual has fewer chances to get high and determined returns, a pool can be beneficial as high capitals or investments can assure higher returns. This mechanism is defined as corporate governance, which is a set of rules, practices and processes by which firms are controlled. It deals with the ways in which financial investors make sure to get returns on their investments. In a HYIP world, there is a problem faced by investors , which can be described in an economic term “scarcity” One can have a great business idea, but no financial capital to implement it. This is why corporations usually raise funds from external investors. These investors, or so called creditors, could be wealthy individuals, or group of individuals working for the same capitalists. It is common that financiers of corporations need the qualified professionals to generate returns on their funds as they are not competent enough to do it by themselves Whether the funds are provided by several small investors or a big investor there are problems that they face in terms of assuring their rights in getting back the investment return, making sure that their money are not invested into unwanted projects, and ensuring that managers are doing a transparent job. We believe that financial planning should be about you and your dreams. That is why we work closely with you to understand your needs and suggest investment solutions that will take you a step closer to your dreams. We understand your needs and help bring your dreams and goals to life. Whatever stage of life you are in, we are here to help you at every step.

Key features Why Best way INV ?
Strongest Financial base in the HYIP sector.
Highest paid up capital of Rs. 1 Billion USD as a group (stock investments in different ventures).
One of the leading Asset Managers fund house.
Diversified Portfolio offering Best Value to clients.
Introduced MPOS System to facilitate scheduled payments.